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If you, a friend, or a family member have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence you are probably looking for answers. Many Anderson residents find themselves facing uncertainty with employment and employment opportunities after being charged with driving under the influence. South Carolina DUI code and police procedure are ever changing. A DUI charge is unique in that most accused motorists do not have a criminal record. Suddenly they find themselves facing heavy fines, alcohol and drug safety classes, mandatory drug and alcohol testing, high risk car insurance, South Carolina Driver's License suspension, possible implementation of a ignition interlock device into their vehicle, and possible incarceration. Unlike most criminal accusations, a DUI charge may effect your immediate South Carolina driving privileges. It is very difficult to be restricted from driving South Carolina roads when most South Carolina residents rely on a  vehicle to provide transportation to individual employers and customers. Most driver's license suspensions can be challenged allowing the motorist a temporary restoration of driving privileges and an opportunity to challenge the validity of the suspension.

Are you concerned about your future? Worried about the status of your driving privileges? Are you looking for answers and feeling overwhelmed? Travis Newton is an experienced DUI Attorney serving Upstate South Carolina.Travis has dedicated most of his career to defending South Carolina motorists charged with driving under the influence. Attorney Newton has experience in multiple South Carolina Summary and General Sessions Courts. DUI Lawyer Travis Newton has presented oral arguments before The South Carolina Court of Appeals defending motorists charged with DUI.  All initial DUI consultations are free of charge. If you have been arrested for DUI in The Upstate of South Carolina speaking with an experienced South Carolina DUI defense attorney could benefit you.  Call us for a free confidential consultation at 864-965-9148.